Women are busy. Women are stressed. Women carry a vast amount of responsibility and worry. It can take an enormous toll on your health – physical, mental and emotional. Sometimes, all you need is a girls’ night out to get it off your chest, but let’s face it: you may need more than the shoulder of a good friend. 

Menstruation, fertility issues, eating disorders, pregnancy and birth, menopause — Hormones. It’s all connected and impacted by sleep patterns, stress levels and diet. It is possible to treat many women’s health issues without drugs or surgery. Your naturopathic doctor will assess and assist you in making diet changes, balancing your hormone levels and managing your day-to-day stress. All this goes towards preventing disease before it starts. Naturopathic treatment can also manage and reverse the early onset of disease. 

Rather than treating each symptom as a separate issue, your naturopathic doctor will connect the dots to see the big picture. It’s the only way to help you find and maintain the balance you need to actually enjoy having it all.

Description Courtesy of The Ontario Association of Naturopathic Medicine

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